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    Kelly's Automotive Service
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    I am driven to create and promote environments of continued growth. Working with Kelly's Automotive has enabled me to develop relationships with customers and co-workers utilizing strong core values to set a foundation of intentional service.
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    I consider myself blessed to be a husband to an amazing wife, and the father of four great children. My wife and I were both raised here in the Rogue Valley and have strong ties to the local community. I am proud of my family and proud of my career. And I look forward to serving this community for many years to come.
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    Automotive Repair Shop Manager
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    Shop Foreman
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    Some would say that I am a jack of all trades and master of none... I enjoy woodwork, writing, cooking, camping with family and friends and always have at least one project of some kind going on. My family and I are very active in our church. We also have a family plan to teach our children about caring for friends and neighbors by having someone over to our house for dinner nearly every week. We build strong relationships around to table at our house. Pretty much our whole lifestyle is built around intentional relationship.
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    Conservative maintenance minded individuals or families looking for a shop with high standards in workmanship and integrity. People who are new to the area and want a long term Mechanic. Or even small fleets looking for maintenance and repair professionals.
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    United States
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    How do you feel about preventative maintenance? Is partnering with a local company who gives back important to you? Have you ever had complete confidence in a shop before?
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    Kelly's Automotive Service is a family owned and Operated business with a strong reputation for high standards and integrity. It is a shop that you can trust to not only fix your car, but also take care of YOU. If you are looking for a shop that serves its community with pride and purpose, Kelly's Automotive is the place.