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    I came back to corporate America because it hurt to watch all of the small businesses close during the pandemic. Professionally, I've worked as both a healer and a warrior and because of these aspects of my personality I decided to be a part of a solution. Representing Insperity, I’m simply a bridge connecting business owners with the solutions they need.

    Why did I choose Insperity?

    Insperity is based out of Kingwood, Texas and for the last 36 years their singular-focus has been to help employers with anything and everything related to being an employer and having employees.

    Which is A LOT!!

    One Reason...
    Because of this singular-focus when the government created the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loans, within 48-hours Insperity had an online application up-and-running for their clients. Which is why 69% of our clients had their PPP loans approved in the first round and were able to keep paying their employees and actually grow their business.

    There’s much more to my why! So, let’s connect for a 1:1 and get to know each other. I'm slower with email, so feel free to connect via text, my mobile # is above.
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    The summer of 2021 I moved back to my hometown of Kingwood Texas after living in Arizona for over 20 years. Personally, I’m here because I LOVE time with family, my baby sister and Uncle, my father’s brother. Time with them lights me up and is precious because I adore them.

    Professionally, I’m here to make a difference for small businesses. My professional life has been my journey of transformation…

    I’ve lived a fascinating life -- I'm sure you have as well! So, let’s connect for a 1:1 and get to know each other.
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    Professional Question Asker and Listener... I help people and businesses grow.
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    HR Business Performance Advisor
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    Strength Training, Martial Arts (3rd Degree Black Belt), used to teach Qigong and Tai Chi, Love Hiking in beautiful environments, enjoy FAMILY, Good Friends, having Fun and Great Food.
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    (1) C-Suite Leaders and Business Owners that get the fact that they need systems in place to ensure that their employees are and remain happy, talented and skilled.

    (2) Start-ups that don't know how to be an employer and have employees and want to spend their attention and energy on growing the vision of their business.
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    United States
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    (1) Give more money to your favorite charity when you connect me with client referrals. OR (2) Create another stream of revenue for yourself through client referrals.
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    Phoenix College
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    (1) Can you leave your business for 4-6 weeks? If not, they don’t have a business. Businesses without systems were the first to close during the pandemic because their foundation was built on straw. Let’s talk!

    (2) Do all of your employees have a copy, or access, to your Employee Handbook? AND, is it current and up-to-date? (If not, then the business is open to the drama and cost of a lawsuit.)

    (3) Do you have 1099, independently contracted employees? If so, are they TRULY independent? If they have to report to a certain location and time, they're NOT independent. (And, the business is open to the drama and cost of a lawsuit.) Learn More Here:

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    Gileaña has worked with business owners and entrepreneurs for over a decade and is committed to helping businesses succeed – Even if you don’t become a client. It's worth your time to connect and have a conversation.