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    Irish Ox Moovers
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    (512) 589-2508
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    Co-owner of Irish Ox Moovers. I am originally from Richmond, VA and was a social studies teacher for 10 years. My husband Rick has over 20 years of experience in the moving industry and after we had our oldest son, we decided to launch the business in order to gain more financial freedom. Initially, I played a smaller informal role in the company since I was teaching full time. However, now that we have moved to Austin I have left the classroom in order to play a more active role in our business, managing communications, networking, sales, and marketing. I love wood working and crafting. I started my own wood sign business last year as an outlet during Covid-19 shutdown.
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    Networking & Marketing
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    I’m extremely crafty - I love anything that has to do with wood working, Cricut, and my Glowforge laser. This past summer I taught myself how to build framed wood signs.

    When I’m not crafting I love spending time with my 2 boys playing outside, riding bikes, watching my oldest play soccer, and coaching little league baseball (I was a softball player).
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    Austin, TX
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    My perfect referral is a realtor, home stager, or anyone in need of moving services.
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    United States
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    University of Virginia
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    When are you interested in moving?
    How many sq ft is your home?
    What are are you moving from and moving to?