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    Legacy Ensured Group
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    I love sharing about Living Benefits after my mother had cancer and had to quit her job to come live with my family. The high cost of medical bills and ongoing treatments were too much for her to handle financially. If my mother would have had a living benefits policy she would still be able to live on her own and have money to pay her expenses. I share this with as many people as possible so others would not have to go through what I experienced and offer options to help protect their family, assets, and lifestyle.
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    I am originally from the Philippines and I grew up in Madison, WI. I am a wife, a mom to a beautiful daughter, and a fun-loving Shih Tzu. I have lived in the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, New York, New Jersey then moved to Round Rock in 2007. I have travelled to countries such as Italy, Germany, South Africa, Mozambique, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, England, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines.
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    Independent Agent
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    Playing sports, travelling, watching movies and going out to eat good food.
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    Leander, TX
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    My perfect referral would be a parent who is self-employed or a parent who already has a policy and would be open to see if I could offer him/her more benefits, possibly higher coverage for approximately the same cost.
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    United States
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    I give $25 - $100 gift cards for every referral who gets a policy per approved policy (depending on the amount approved for).
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    University of the Philippines Diliman
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    Do you own a life insurance policy? Do you know if you can use it in the event of an illness like cancer, heart attack, stroke, traumatic brain injury? Would you like a free policy review to see if you can save money but have more benefits?
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    Joyce is very passionate about what she does and truly wants what's best for her clients before anything else. She will make sure that what she can design for you will make sense.