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    US Health Advisors
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    After working as a registered nurse for many years, I found myself in need of affordable health insurance. The ACA plans were unbelievably expense because I didn't qualify for a subsidy and my current employer didn't offer benefits. When I discovered that there were private options that saved me over 40% and gave me better insurance, I was ecstatic!! Then I thought "hey I can help people in other ways outside of nursing, by helping them save money on their health insurance!". So after months of contemplating, and a little push from covid, I made the leap in June of 2020!
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    Born and raised - down to earth country girl, really like people (even the ornery ones:), love all things nature (fascination with insects-wanted to be an entomologist at one time). Married 20+ years, 3 adult children, 6 amazing grand daughters.
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    Health Insurance Advisor/Agent, Registered Nurse
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    Licensed Health Insurance Advisor
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    Grand kids, gardening, reading
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    Small business owner, self employed, family or individual
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    University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Community College
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    Is your employee count too small for a group plan?
    Do you have any major health conditions?
    Would you like a nationwide PPO Plan?