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    Network In Action
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    My "Why" is pretty simple- I enjoy connecting people that have similiar synergy, and that can help one another . It is a passion I have had for a very longtime, in all areas of my life. I can be credited for 3 marriages, selling 4 homes, connecting a CPA with the next owner of his practice, and the list goes on .
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    I am a mother of three young adults, my biggest accomplishment . I have been in the Business Development /Sales for the majority of my career.I have worked with regional Payroll companies, I enjoy selling for the new and up and coming firms. I am told I have quite a bit of energy- I don't always see it .
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    Working with NIA to build a strong team, Human Power Solutions Consulting at various companies.
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    VP of Sales, Human Power Solutions
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    Spending time with friends and family.
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    Someone that is a perfect match for my company.
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    United States
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    Plymouth State University
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