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    Danon Consulting LLC
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    It is all about purpose. My purpose is to make a difference in the lives of everyone within my sphere of influence. I want to help business owners achieve and hopefully exceed their expectations for their business. Danon Consulting LLC will create a custom marketing plan and helping them execute that plan to achieve success!
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    For 16 years of my 20 plus years of marketing experience I worked for a Fortune 500 company in various marketing roles and often managing global cross-functional projects. This is the experience that I can share with business owners as I can help them utilize the strategies that corporations execute in order to succeed. I am always seeking to gain an understanding of the customer (internal and external). This allows me to look at opportunities from the perspective of the business, the consumer, and employees which creates a competitive advantage that my clients can leverage.
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    Marketing and Business Strategy
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    Marketing Consultant
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    I enjoy reading, mentoring youth, travelling, golfing and listening to music
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    Business owner that needs assistance developing a marketing strategy, online marketing presence, and/or gaining a better understanding of the needs of its customers and industry.
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    United States
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    Webster University
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    1. What is your definition of marketing?
    2. What is your current marketing strategy?
    3. How important do you think digital marketing (your online presence) is for your business?
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    Danon Consulting is a full service, marketing and customer insights firm. I bring more than 20 years of marketing and strategic planning experience to the table including 15 plus years with a Fortune 500 company often managing global cross-functional projects. I want to partner with clients to help them uncover the wants and needs of their customers, employees, and their perspective markets which will enable them to make important business decisions.