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    Envisage Architecture
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    Envisage Architecture believes that design matters when it comes to living your best life, both personally and professionally. We use our well honed design and planning skills to provide beautiful and efficient spaces that reflect your style. Why be uncomfortable/inefficient in your space, we design spaces that enhance your life and business.
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    Wife, mother, architect, I've spent over 20 years enjoying every minute of my family and architectural career. I live to create a happy environment that is authentic and comfortable to all who inhabit it.
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    I love to create things. I've always loved to draw and enjoy painting, sketching and crafting when I can. I enjoy being out in the yard, gardening or playing with my dogs or visiting with neighbors. My family and I like to go out hiking or skiing when we can sync our schedules. I love to eat a great meal and enjoy trying out new recipes with the veggies from my garden.
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    We love to help small businesses grow. We are looking for entrepreneurs that want to grow and expand their business and they don't know where to begin. We can help them through real estate selection, identifying their immediate and future needs for their space. We work best with business owners that are willing to invest in their business, know where they want to go, and can trust the experts to get them there.
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    United States
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    Miami University
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    Is your business in growing?
    Does your current space meet your needs?
    Are you proud to bring guests and customers to your home or buisness?
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    If you need to build or renovate, call Wendy first, she is an architect with over 20 years experience. Wendy can usher you through the design and construction process while allowing you to focus on your life and business.

    'I had the pleasure of working with Wendy during my recent expansion and remodel of my flagship optical location. She was my architect and consultant. Hiring Wendy was the BEST decision I made for this massive project. This is the first time I've taken on a project of this magnitude and Wendy made this as seamless and easy as it possibly could have been.' - Sarah Petro