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    Northwestern Mutual
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    Growing up in a household where my parents were always working and it still seemed that they came up short from time to time. Looking back with what I know now through my experience in the career and professional degrees, I know if they would've had knowledge on how to do things a little bit differently their financial lives would look completely different than it does now.

    To me as an advisor, I care about positioning the individuals I work with to accomplish their goals as quickly as possible. Everyone has goals and I take pride in helping people accomplish them!
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    My name is Malek (Ma-leek) Barber, and I am an older brother to three of the best siblings. I am originally from Sarasota, FL, which is a really great place if you haven't visited. I am a dog dad, who is constantly buying new toys cause Cooper loves destroying all the ones I get him!

    I am a former collegiate basketball player, and have used my playing experience to not only apply the intangible skills learned, but also to start my non-profit Community Strong Athletics. My program is a basketball training program that focuses on mentorship and bringing my community together around sports!

    I am a problem solver at heart and love challenges. I really appreciate working with individuals who want to accomplish goals and impact those around them.
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    Sr. Financial Advisor
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    Palm Beach Gardens
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    Individuals or families who want to focus on planning, which covers a wide array of categories:

    ✔ How to create good financial habits
    ✔ Systematic savings strategies for buying a house, retirement, etc.
    ✔ Education on Life insurance and Disability insurance
    ✔ Creating a plan for current and future student loans
    ✔ Financial Planning
    ✔ Education Planning
    ✔ Retirement Planning
    ✔ Investments
    ✔ Tax-efficiency Planning
    ✔ Employee benefits
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    United States
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    Palm Beach Atlantic University