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    Tamia's Touch of Care
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    We love to help people feel better about themselves and or life. Tamias Touch of Care, cares about helping people. It’s an innate passion and purpose from our God above.
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    I have 11 years experience as a massage therapist. Here at Tamia's Touch of Care we put your needs first so that you can feel better! Communication is the key to a successful massage that we want you to enjoy!
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    Licensed Massage Therapist
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    I love to read The Bible, spiritual growth books as well as character development books and play sports. Basketball, football, listening, talking and or watching sports.
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    Word of Mouth, actually trying my services and then informing others about me.
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    United States
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    If you refer 5 people to me you will get a free massage.
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    Tamias Touch of Care
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    Tamias Touch of Care
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    Tamia Anderson
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    Houston Community College
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    Who is in need of my services? Do you do groups as well? Any referral incentives? Do you have group, package deals?
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    Refer to the About Me Section, I’m you’re friendly mobile licensed massage therapist and certified personal trainer.😆