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    Bobeedy Photography
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    Being a portrait photographer combines my love for photography and helping others. One of my professional goals is to make my clients (no matter the age!), to feel heard, comfortable, and more than pleased with the end result.
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    Before moving to Hopkins, MN in 1987, I had also lived in ND, AL, NE, and TX.

    I have been married since 2001 and have two teenage boys (one of which will be going to college next year). Brian and I met at LifeUSA, now Allianz Life Insurance, in 1998. There, I worked in various departments including marketing. Once we got married and started our family, I decided to be a stay-at-home mom until my youngest went to school. At that point, I began working as an office manager for our family chiropractor. After three years, I began to consider photography as more than a hobby so I resigned and started Bobeedy Photography, LLC in 2015.

    My hope was to work with families and children as that was what I was already familiar with. However, my business quickly grew and photographing high school seniors became a large portion of my business. As Bobeedy gains momentum, professional headshots, corporate photography, and personal branding have all been a focus of mine as well. Surprisingly, personal branding includes working with men and women who have photography needs for dating sites (I love this!).

    Ultimately, my goal is to work primarily with professionals who need headshots (traditional or not so traditional) or have photography needs for new or updated websites.

    Psychology is my next love. In 2018, I finally received my bachelors degree in psychology at the University of Northwestern St Paul. This last fall, I taught General Psych as a course assistant through Crown College to 11th and 12th grade PSEO students.

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    To view my work with professionals, feel free to visit my LinkedIn featured page
    (Angela Angie Smith)
    To view my work with high school seniors, feel free to visit my Instagram page (AngieWithBobeedy)
    To view most current projects, feel free to visit my Bobeedy facebook page (Bobeedy Photography)
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    Portrait Photographer
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    Other than photography and psychology, I enjoy playing the banjo and target shooting of any kind (archery included!). Music is a huge part of who I am. My 30 Pandora stations range from Brazilian Jazz to techno. Before the pandemic, my husband and I sought out live jazz multiple times a month.
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    Maple Grove
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    My perfect referral would be any professional who needs headshots or website photography or high schooler who needs senior photos
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    United States
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    10% off additional digital
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    University of Northwestern-St Paul
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    What kind of photography are looking for?
    Do you already work with a photographer?
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    Meet Angie with Bobeedy Photography. She is a portrait photographer who really enjoys helping people with their website photography.