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    CrossCountry Mortgage
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    I truly enjoy meeting new people, and getting the opportunity to help them through what is most likely one of the biggest transactions of their life. I'm a big fan of honesty, and I believe in answering any question someone may have truthfully. I love working with people to find what's going to work best for them and their families!
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    I've been in the mortgage industry over 10 years (took a brief break to try something else, but mortgages called me back...), I've been married for almost 25 years and have two kids that are 18 and 21. I have lived in Andover for just over 15 years, and in my spare time I enjoy riding motorcycle, and relaxing with my family.
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    Residential Mortgage Lending
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    Loan Officer
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    Riding motorcycle, taking in an occasional round of golf, playing bags with friends, and relaxing with family!
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    Someone who's open to discussions! I want them to be comfortable asking any questions they may have, I want them to be ready to explore all options available to them, and I want them to have fun during an exciting time in their lives!
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    United States
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    Free VA appraisal for all Veterans
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    Minnesota School of Business
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1) Are you looking to buy, sell or refinance in the future?
    2) Have you thought about investing in real estate?
    3) Are you interested in talking to a professional and just gaining more information about a mortgage and the process?
  • Describe How You Would Like To Be Introduced Via Email
    I'd love to be thought of as your partner! Let's help the people we meet and refer to each other together so they think of our group anytime one of our services comes up with their family and friends.