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    Usher Building & Design
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    I believe people deserve to enjoy their remodel experience, I believe people work hard to be able to afford a interior remodel. And I believe that the work we do will change our clients mental and physical health, by building them incredible interior spaces, that bring joy, organization, and functionality to their lives. Helping our clients create a home, with lasting memories to us is a just cause, because I believe we are strengthening families and relationships, by helping people build a home. A home is not a building, its where memories are made with the people you love.
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    I am 36 and my goal in life is to be the best version of me, that I can possibly be. I am a business owner, hardworking, I refuse to quit, I welcome failure as long as I grow from it, I am some what of an extremist, I resist mediocrity. I refuse to believe the standard things that are told or taught to me, without my own research and validation. This goes for my industry standards and personal standards. I am a researcher on everything that affects my life. I am not interested in perfection, I strive for excellence, not for things that are impossible to achieve. My life goal is to be the best husband and father to my children that I can possibly be, and the best leader I can be to others. Their success is my success, and their is no success without succession. I believe success is never owned, its only rented, and the rent is due every day. And my goal is, every day, to be the best version of me.
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    Interior Remodeler/general contractor
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    Reading, puzzles boxes, fishing, ping pong, hiking, exploration, snowboarding, acoustic guitar.
    my wife, my children,
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    Someone who is unhappy with the interior of their home, who wants a transformation that they can enjoy for years to come. This commonly incudes kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, entire 1st or 2nd floor remodel.
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    United States
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    Free in home consultation, free 3d cad drawings of the remodel your wanting, this includes up to $2,000.00 value, for my design time.
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    Joel Usher
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1. Are you wanting a transformation of your interior?
    2. Are you having a hard time finding a contractor, or finding one you feel comfortable with, and that you can trust?
    3. Do you need ideas or direction for your bathroom, kitchen, or living areas?