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    your JO team
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    I love helping entrepreneurs discover the big difference a little assistance creates in the business as well as their personal life!
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    Customized a diverse range of skills to create an opportunity for personal growth beyond my full-time work. Earned a B.A. in Fine Arts/Graphic and Commercial Design, learning on both Mac and PC platforms. Nannied for an amazing family with three kids for eight years, those kids are now growing their own families, which makes me a granny-nanny! Moved a lot growing up, spending time in eight states, which has developed an enthusiasm for exploration in all facets of my life. Currently live in Bel Air, Maryland.
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    Virtual Assistant
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    Virtual Assistant
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    Creating in all forms: paint, sculpt, build, plant, and more! Community building and involvement.
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    Bel Air
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    Non-profit needing more office help but not ready to add another full-time staff member.
    Low-to-No tech business with business assistance needs and without the time or desire to do those tasks needing more tech-ability.
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    United States
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    20% discount for first services for NIA members
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    Graceland University, Lamoni, IA
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