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(Professional Cleaning Services (Residential / Commercial) ) Moylam Wong

(Professional Cleaning Services (Residential / Commercial) ) Moylam Wong

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    You've Got Maids of Central Houston
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    You’ve Got Maids of Central Houston Co-founders Raul Wong and his wife Moylam found You’ve Got Maids after Moylam’s layoff from the oil and gas industry and several ultimately fruitless attempts to re-enter. During that time, they said, I discovered a passion for cleaning and tapped into her lifelong passion of helping others. I had also always desired to own my own business, so following several months of due diligence, the couple pulled the trigger on joining the national residential cleaning franchise. Since February 2017, the Wongs and their crew have diligently worked out of 1345 North Shepherd to make each home they clean a happier, cleaner, and healthier environment.
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    I was born in Caracas Venezuela, I moved to Houston in 1994 and never left again.
    I married Raul Wong in 2013, we have a blended and blessed family of 4 kids between the ages of 25 and 32 years old. All 4 already graduated from the University. We love to hang out together, we enjoy cooking for them. They are a lot of fun.
    I have 2 Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Project Management and worked in I Oil and Gas for 21 years. We both are hard worker people and follow our goals, our passion. I wanted to have her own business and live the American dream.
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    Business Enterprenour
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    Owner and Operator
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    My husband and I enjoy life every day and we travel as much as we can, we both like to fish and run half marathonsI.
    I volunteer on a weekly basis to the Catholic Church and Casa Juan Diego and in every opportunity when help is needed.
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    Harris Houston
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    Business Owners that need cleaning services on a recurrence basis
    Homeowners that need cleaning services on a recurrence basis
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    United States
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    $25 Gift Certificate for referral
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    2 Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Project Management
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    Are you looking for residential cleaning or commercial cleaning?
    How often do you need the cleaning service, or what type are you looking? Recurrent services, One time Deep cleaning, move out/in cleaning.
    How many SQFT is the house/business?

    There is a big difference between hiring a professional cleaning service to clean and maintain one’s home and hiring the lady (or gentleman) down the street.
    A professional cleaning service, like You’ve Got Maids of Central Houston employs trained and vetted staff. All team members undergo a criminal background check, drug screening and must graduate from our training program, “Maid University,” before they enter any home. They are professionals and arrive with their equipment and all cleaning supplies. When they leave, they remove your trash and take all the dirty rags and mops with them. With a professional service, you may run your vacuum a handful of times each year - that is about it and cleaning supplies are no longer on your shopping list.
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    Moylam Wong is the owner of a local franchise named You've Got Maids of Central Houston, she offers top-notch professional home cleaning and maid services for commercial and residential. Extremely reliable, consistent, uniform, and trained, our maids are sure to surpass your expectations. You’ve Got Maids of Central Houston offers professional maid services and works to make each home/business a happier, cleaner, and healthier place. You’ve Got Maids of Central Houston is the sole maid service to use the methodical and comprehensive 52-Point Spring Cleaning system. Combined with contemporary equipment and eco-friendly products, our teams arrive in a logo company car with an on-site supervisor, and carefully cleans your entire house, paying special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, floors and dusting. Call her at 713-505 1613 or email at to schedule a free in-home estimate.