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    Current Investments Wealth Management, LLC
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    With my client's goals in mind, I prepare a plan and a course to get them there. I believe strongly in guiding investors on the journey to their goals. If you wonder where your career path or life ahead will lead you, allow me to serve as your guide. My philosophy of the client relationship is built on four key principles:

    Know your goals – The conversation starts here. I encourage clients to dream big and realistically, and to establish tangible goals that while they may change, provide a destination for us as we set out.
    Develop a plan – I help clients and those most important in their lives chart a course using the latest tools and research available. Upholding the standard of a fiduciary, I always place my clients' best interests first.
    Have a guide – My business relationship works because I stay current and in touch. While we know the way ahead will include the unknown, my job is to make sure I help clients manage risk.
    Be transparent, accountable, and open – I know trust is fundamental and must be earned. That is why I commit myself and my management to go the distance with all of those I serve.
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    A life-long Texan and Austin "original", I have a passion for the hard work of free enterprise and the rewards it offers when helping build wealth. I bring an extensive career in corporate and government financial management to bear when analyzing financial and investment markets for my clients. By working with clients to build a diverse portfolio that corresponds to their goals, timeline, and risk profile, I offer ongoing guidance and management designed to help them approach long-term investing goals. I hold a Series 7, General Securities License, and a Series 66, Uniform Combined State Securities License. Currently I serve clients in Texas, California, Tennessee, and Wyoming. In my business I have a special focus working with real estate investors who seek passive investment opportunities or tax-deferral in the buying & selling of investment properties.
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    Investment Management
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    Financial Advisor/Wealth Manager
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    United States
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    Scott Hendrix
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    Scott Hendrix
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    University of Texas at Austin (bachelors degree); University of Maryland at College Park (masters degree in finance)
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    How do feel about the way the money you've worked hard to earn is now working for you through investing?
    If you're working with a financial advisor currently, how could the relationship improve?
    When was the last time you had an outside opinion or assessment of your investment portfolio?
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    As a serious and very approachable wealth manager who delivers both consistent attention to clients and their investments.