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    Profitable Destinations
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    I love working with small business owners because, in my experience, they rely on individual sales talent and an ad hoc approach to sales. I provide a proven, repeatable sales system and the business owner gets increased predictability, accountability, and revenue from their sales team. Win-win!
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    I knew early in my life that my superpowers are confidence, ambition, and focus while being positive and flexible through change. My bosses and my direct reports have told me this throughout my career. My proudest accomplishments are building, managing, and leading sales organizations. In my role as sales manager, I have had the pleasure of achieving 20 - 200% improvements in areas like talk time, engaged calls, meeting conversions, and close rates. In addition to leading and managing sales reps, I enjoy developing sales reps and mentoring them with their own professional goals. This fills me up!

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    Sales Manager | Sales Leader
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    Fractional Sales Manager
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    My hobbies and interests include jogging, lifting weights, eating home-cooked meals with my family, baking with my daughter, rapping, playing with my dogs, binge-watching Netflix with my hubby and kids, and napping on the weekends. Life is good!
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    My target market is small businesses in which the owner is managing sales and it's an ad hoc process led by her/his own talent, with perhaps a few sales reps. There is no visible pipeline, no ability to manage revenue or maintain a realistic forecast. Likely no business plan, no documented sales strategy, and no accountability. How do you grow your business like this?
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    United States
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    45 minute free sales consultation
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    University of Houston
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1) Is the business owner managing sales (and shouldn't be?)
    2) What sales management exists in your business that supports sales reps throughout the sales cycle, including closing deals, and managing the customer?
    3) Are you open to hiring an experienced sales leader on a fractional or part-time basis?

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    If you are a small business owner who would benefit from increased predictability, accountability, and revenue from your sales team, then meet Jen Halpern. She is a fractional sales manager and will get you to your goals.