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    Designs Anew Houston LLC
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    I am a Kitchen and Bath designer working a lot with clients who need Accessible Design and/or want to Age in Place. I re-design spaces that were not usable or safe, and create an environment that is comfortable, flexible and functional. I feel a sense of satisfaction that their new spaces help make their lives easier and their homes more convenient to use and maneuver in.
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    I am the sole proprietor of my design firm Designs Anew Houston LLC. I love doing space planning design for kitchen and bath remodel projects and use Chief Architect CAD for drawing floorplans, elevations and 3-D color perspectives for my clients and their contractors.
    I have been in the construction industry for over 20 years and started by working in Design Centers for builders. I have the CAPS designation and am AKBD accredited from the NKBA. I have won several first and second place awards from NAHB in the Best in American Living Awards and Homes for Life, as well as awards from Qualified Remodeler, Kitchen and Bath Business and the American Residential Design Awards. I have studied for many years and subsequently presented at national and international conferences on Universal Design and Aging in Place at KBIS, Universal Design Conference Sweden and Universal Design Conference Ireland.
    I was an adjunct professor at the college level for over 7 years teaching Kitchen and Bath Design and other Interior Design classes, until Covid hit in 2020 and The Art Institute of Houston's Miami Branch took over with online classes.
    I just recently became the sole proprietor of another firm through which I create glass art - stained glass, fused glass (kilnformed) and slumped glass- and sell it on Etsy.
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    New Construction and Remodeling - kitchen and bath design
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    President and Owner of Designs Anew Houston LLC for over 10 years
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    My main hobby turned-business is glass art. I started making stained glass for sale over 35 years ago and love working with glass fusing in the kiln. I also enjoy Art History, reading, sudoku, painting, Netflix, Museums, historical homes, and traveling. I have visited England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and 39 US states. A bucket list item before I go is to see the Pyramids in Egypt!
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    A client who has a debilitating disease or injury, uses a mobility aid or wants Aging in Place design. I will be able to use Accessible Design, Universal Design (UD), and Wellness Design, and be challenged by the particular needs of the client. The client will be willing to incorporate UD products and features which will greatly enhance the safety and functionality of the space. (I have worked with clients with ALS, neurological diseases, giantism, polio, Parkinson's, were paraplegic, and who had had strokes and were unable to use one side of their body, and found these projects extremely challenging and satisfying to find individual design solutions).
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    United States
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    I am available to do Kitchen and Bath space planning, Chief Architect floorplans, elevations and 3-D color perspectives, finish selections, and handholding to your remodel or new construction clients
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    Barbara Mueller
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    Savannah College of Art and Design - Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design
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    Questions that I frequently ask my clients:
    Do you already have a contractor, if not, I can recommend one that I know and trust.
    Will your project be financed or paid for from your own savings? If you need the name of a banker, I can refer one to you.
    (For Indoor Air Quality) Are you interested in better indoor air quality since your family members have allergies and asthma? If so, I can recommend an HVAC company that will install great filtration solutions such as HEPA, UV, or Carbon Filters.
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    Hi, my name is Barb Mueller. I am a kitchen and bath designer working in the greater Houston area. My firm, Designs Anew Houston, specializes in Kitchen and Bath design with a focus on Accessible Design and Aging in Place, but I work with all clients. I design spaces to be as usable as possible for all ages, sizes and abilities (called Universal Design), with safety, function and aesthetics taking priority.