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    Network in Action Houston Southeast
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    I love helping people in all aspects of my life. My temperament is that of a counselor/teacher so I engage those I meet with a curiosity of their needs. To understand who someone is, I try to learn where they came from, what era they were raised in and what motivates them on a personal level. This establishes the groundwork for me to engage their temperament and help them accomplish their goals.
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    Over the years I have tried my hand at small side businesses but that's what they were - small and on-the-side. With my experience working with retailers in the grocery business and volunteers in Non-Profit, I am well suited to help business professionals grow by helping them advance their knowledge and learn about themselves.
    I embrace this next challenge in my life with all the enthusiasm and passion I have employed in past career posts.
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    Sales Professional/Non-Profit Executive
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    Franchise Owner
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    An Illinois native, Texan since 2016, grandpa of five and fun-loving traveler. I love to drive through the beautiful scenery along the coasts and in the mountains, stopping to photograph the world as I experience it.
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    Someone that needs a business or service where I know someone in that business.
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    United States
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    Currently building the League City group at monthly meetings at the South Shore Grille.
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    Governors State University
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    Would you like to grow your business?
    What business or services are you looking for?
    May I suggest someone I know in that business?
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    Steve is a fun-loving guy from "up north." His experience in sales and Non-Profit taught him about people...they're all different but also all the same! He loves to road trip around Texas and beyond. His two daughters blessed him with three boys and twin girls that he tries to visit whenever possible.