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(Non Profit Financial Assistance for Homeowners) Inna Tobak

(Non Profit Financial Assistance for Homeowners) Inna Tobak

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    Neighborhood Assistance Consulting Agency
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    (612) 922-4266
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    We work with and assist the homeowners in financial transition including people who could not or cannot make a mortgage payment, accepted forbearance, going through divorce, foreclosure, have a death in the family, or medical, or human made disasters events and DO NOT QUALIFY for a traditional refinance or purchase of primary residence due to credit history, bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, forbearance etc. WHY WE ARE Doing that – Because Everyone Deserves a Second Chance. We are looking for a suitable solution by working with both the current lender(s) to resolve the issue and/or provide financing through in-house program. These types of workouts help families remain together under the same roof, and/or in the same community and reducing the stress level and provide a direction to the expeditious financial recovery. Life is Much Better - When more Happy People Surround you😉
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    My name is Inna Tobak. I live in Minnesota since 1995. For the last 11 years I work as Executive Director of the Neighborhood Assistance Consulting Agency.
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    Foreclosure Counselor / Certified through Neighborworks Center for Homeowners Education and Counseling
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    Executive Director
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    …psychology, numerology, astrology, art, music, dance, sports, animals - and everything else that Life is Offering that helps me experience a positive excitement, creativity, challenge, and happiness ;)
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    Certified Foreclosure Counselor and Default Counselor since December of 2011.
    Experience included:
     Loss Mitigation - Education and assistance for Homeowners going through varying stages of the foreclosure process and loss mitigation practices, to include pre foreclosure sale, during redemption period and post redemption period.
     Assist in the collaborative process of loan modification and assumption for Homeowners who have inherited a property with an existing mortgage or become a surviving spouse whose name is not on the mortgage note. To include assisting with qualification when regular options are not available.
     Facilitate successful negotiation between homeowners, investors, and lenders where final agreement is a win on all sides.
     Educate and assist in client budget creation and ongoing management.
     Assist homeowners in recovering Property Tax post foreclosure overages.
     Provide customized Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling services that are specific to clients’ situations.
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    Bachler Degree in Phycology