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    Mailbox Power (Affiliate)
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    I believe in the Power of Appreciation and Gratitude, and I love sharing with business owners, and people in general, how they can provide that to their customers/clients and family/friends.

    Appreciation is about acknowledging the perceived value of something or someone. Appreciation is more of a cognitive act. Gratitude is more affective. It is about feeling thankful, either as a direct beneficiary or on behalf of someone else.
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    I have been an entrepreneur for many years. My mother used to joke that I brought the neighborhood kids into the house to her flaming red hair dye job; the admission was 5 cents apiece. My father was a comic book artist who had a studio at home. I think I received my entrepreneurial spirit from him and my business acumen from my mother. I have started and sold businesses in the past. My two greatest successes were building a medical transcription company, which I sold, and building a multimillion-dollar sales team for Avon. I recently relocated to St. Petersburg and am now venturing into sharing appreciation and gratitude. In reality this is not truly a new venture as I have used the concept of appreciation and gratitude my whole life. My customers have received many hand-written cards from me over the years, along with some gifts, to thank them for being my customer. Since becoming an affiliate with Mailbox Power, I have leveraged my time and budget to work for me, not against me. This is the experience I hope to bring to all of those I meet who want to grow their business, retain their customers, and feel good about it!!
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    Personal and Corporate Cards/Gifts
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    Client Retention Specialist
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    Good food, good wine, good friends. Also baking, art, music, shopping, spending time with family. Now that I'm in St. Pete I guess I better get used to going to the beach - LOL!!
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    St Petersburg
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    My ideal client is someone that already understands the power of appreciation and gratitude, and who is ready to SHOW it in a consistent, caring way. Any person/business who wants to target a specific client profile with birthday cards, thank-you cards, nice-to-meet you cards, along with gifts, can do so within our system automatically with personalization. WANT TO STAND ABOVE THE CROWD in your business?? I am available for free consultations.
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    United States
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    Free 14-Day Trial
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    Community College
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Do you have a client retention program in place?
    Do you have a recognition program for your employees, sales team or top customers?
    Have you ever used the mailbox in your marketing efforts?
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    As a life-long entrepreneur, Bonnie brings with her the passion for appreciation and gratitude towards her clients/customers. She has used the power of appreciation and gratitude for years, hand-writing notes and sending gifts to thank her clients/customers for their business. For many it is a long forgotten art. But with Mailbox Power she has been able to leverage her time and budget utilizing personalization and automation for the task that used to take forever! She is very excited to share Mailbox Power with anyone and everyone so they, too, can grow their business, retain their clients and FEEL the difference it makes to both you and your clients/customers!