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    Keller Williams Premier Lake Minnetonka
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    We have God given time, talents and treasure. We use our resources to help people who find themselves outside of community to enter in; those moving between community to begin again. We develop communities through people and provision; creating places where people belong and flourish.
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    Scott grew up and still lives in the Mills area of Minnetonka. He went on to earn his BA from the University of Wisconsin Madison, followed by an MBA from the University of St. Thomas. During his university years Scott had the opportunity to live his passion for sports and activity. It was a privilege to represent Wheaton College on their men’s soccer team. Upon transferring to UW Madison he was part of the crew team, as well as receiving the opportunity to participate in the U.S. Olympic Luge Teams developmental program and training at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Marquette, MI. Leading a family of four, Scott decided to pursue his passion for homes. Training up a family of four, he desired to be a living example regarding the pursuit of dreams and in March of 2004, he resigned from a job at Cargill and began selling homes, launching the Nagel Team. Over the years he has given back to the community. Raising two children, now both adults, he’s enjoyed years of coaching youth sports, taken on leadership roles at Ridgewood Church in Minnetonka where he’s been a member for 20 years, involved with Youth for Christ in the Hopkins Schools and joined Minnetonka Rotary. While no longer actively serving in leadership with Cub Scout’s, he is a member of the Eagle Scout Network.
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    Residential Realtor
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    Camping, Hiking, Canoeing, Travel
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    I enable my clients to Be the Blessing.
    Last fall I experienced an epiphany. A friend's words resonated in a new fashion. To paraphrase him, "If I want to be forgiven, I need to show forgiveness. When I show mercy to others, I will find mercy is shown to me." His words align with a saying at Keller Williams Realty "Be-Do-Have"; not Have-Do-Be. We are told the starting point is for us to first "Be." I'm not proposing a tit-for-tat; rather a mindset to be others focused.
    To draw a correlation; if I desire to be blessed, reflect to ensure that I’ve been a blessing to others? My clients all either sell or purchase a home for their family. They all desire a blessed home. I enable my clients to step forward and first "BE" the blessing to others.
    It matters how we steward the resources we are given. For most of us here, your biggest resource likely is the home you own or the one you will own. At no financial cost to you, by wisely stewarding what you have, you can leverage your home transaction so you can BE the blessing to another.
    Last month my clients ensured there was a home built in Guatemala, costing them nothing . It only required they make the right decision. Through I committed the funds to build this home, this was the first. When you actively say "I'll use the Nagel Team,” we commit $500 for every transaction towards a new home. This one pictured costs $3500."
    I want to challenge all of us, with our resources to Be the blessing to others.
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    United States
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    The Nagel Team's lending "Tool Shed" is available for friends family. We have the tools you'd expect of a contractor and they are available to borrow.
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    Univ of Wisconson (Madison)
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    1) What has kept you from developing wealth through real estate?
    2) Why do you rent, when you could be paying yourself and own the home?
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    Scott has been in the business most his career and has done it all: owned single family and multi-family rentals, remodeled homes, flipped homes, bought lake homes and starter condos. For Scott, helping people buy real estate is about taking care of a person's perceived needs or wants, it's not just another transaction. Business is about people and doing right by them.