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    Sweet Jean Photography
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    Hello, I am Jeanie and I am madly in love with photography. Mostly because I know that I cannot rely on my memory alone to hold onto all of the sweet details of my life & loves. I love how looking at a photograph can magically transport me back in time. I can smell my new baby’s sweet skin. I can hear my Nana telling me how much she loves me. I see my little sister, who is now a grown woman in the face of my daughter. I believe that photography is how we are able to see the beauty that is beyond the surface.
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    I am married to a wonderful man, raising our two children, three dogs, a couple of guinea pigs, and five backyard hens. Loving life and
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    Houseplants, knitting & crochet, reading, spending time near the ocean, loving my friends & family.
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    United States
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