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    Christensen & Associates Insurance Agency
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    I enjoy helping clients and potential clients with their insurance needs and concerns. Myself and our agency provides a high value product/service when it comes to the insurance industry.
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    Born and raised in Boise Idaho. Graduated from BSU in 2012 with a double major (General Business and HR Mgmt). I'm active, outgoing, hard working, and laid back (I don't sweat the small stuff). I enjoy building relationships, meeting new people, and having some laughs along the way.
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    Commercial Lines Specialist / Insurance Agent / Producer
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    Fitness/Working out and I recently started rock climbing. I play club sports: Lacrosse & Softball. I'm also a big nerd, I have 2 custom built gaming computers I put together myself. I'm very social, enjoy hanging with family/friends, but I really enjoy hanging with my Fiancé and 2 golden retrievers.
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    Someone who is referred to myself and the agency with high accolades of our products and services. Specifically wanting to discuss their insurance needs directly with me.
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    United States
  • Google Business Review URL,+6307+W+Interchange+Ln+%23100,+Boise,+Idaho+83709&ludocid=15392508706010778155&lsig=AB86z5XhQKoDIMQEc3hSanfWNnG0#lrd=0x54aef84e5b48664b:0xd59d2d1d77e14a2b,3
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    Boise State University
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Are you happy with your current insurance and agent?
    Do you have any questions about insurance or insurance coverages that are confusing?
    What are your expectations of your insurance agent?
    If we're able to provide you with a new insurance agent that could meet your insurance needs, would you be willing to move your insurance?
  • Describe How You Would Like To Be Introduced Via Email
    Hello XXXXXXXX, here is Jake Christensen's contact information: / Direct Line (208) 287-6483. He works for an independent insurance agency that provides a high level or service and insurance policy customization. Please reach out to Jake for any of your insurance questions or needs.