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    Business Owners Trade Alliance
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    Our passion is helping business owners use trade as a catalyst for growth at all levels from one person start-ups to owners of large corporations. It is exhilarating to work with so many different types of companies, having had a hand in their success and shared in the struggles along the way.
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    I am a Johnson and Wales grad and trained executive chef. I led a successful career in F&B Management for 27 years. I transitioned to a sales management career, working as Regional Manager for sales reps on the Eastern Seaboard and Canada for a large business consulting firm based in Chicago. This gave me a foundation to understand the inner workings and challenges faced by the owners of hundreds of companies. These experiences led me to founding Business Owners Trade Alliance in 2010, specializing in business to business barter and corporate trade.
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    Barter Exchange
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    Co-Founder and CEO
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    Cooking of course, Shooting pool, Ping Pong, Knife throwing and spending time quality time with my son Connor, family and friends.
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    Any business owner who has a product or service which is monetized and could be sold for trade credit. Any business owner who has excess inventory, unsold capacity or time to fit in more clients. Any business owner seeking for an easy way to break into new marketplaces locally or nationally.
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    United States
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    Cash paid referral fees for any client you introduce to me who buys a membership.
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    Have you ever traded services with another business owner privately? If you and I needed what each other sells at the same time, same value - would you trade services with me? (Yes is a good answer) If you have never bartered/traded services privately, or worked with a barter company are you open to hearing how Corporate Bartering (B2B) can save you cash money?