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    Accomplished Life Coaching & Consulting
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    As a career coach, I help clients with a variety of career goals including leadership development. Some of the other goals I've helped clients with include gaining career direction, managing chronic workplace stress, career transition, improving work/life balance, and streamlining career growth.

    My overall mission and that of my company is to help people increase fulfillment and satisfaction in their work, so that they love what they do for a living. I'm passionate about this because I'm service-oriented and love to help others. I also know what it's like to not enjoy work from earlier in my career and I have experiences with the consequences it can have. I feel we all have the ability and the right to enjoy our work and when we do (based on my own experiences and the many studies that have been done) our lives and wellbeing are enhanced as a result.
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    I'm a mom and an entrepreneur. I'm a native mid-westerner and recently moved to Roseville from the Bay Area. Prior to coaching, I worked in leadership positions at Stanford University including directing operations of the Mills Legal Clinic at Stanford Law School.
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    Career / Life Coaching
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    Career Coach
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    I love to hike, travel, and have a keen interest in residential architecture and interior design.
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    United States
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    Are you happy in your career? Do you enjoy your work? What's next for you? Have you thought about working with a coach to enhance your career?
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    This is Judy Gielniak. She's a career coach focused on helping clients increase fulfillment and satisfaction in their work. Judy works with clients on a variety of career and leadership goals and offers a free consultation session as a way to learn more.