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(Public Relations/ Marketing / Content Writing) Becky Myers

(Public Relations/ Marketing / Content Writing) Becky Myers

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    Owner, MyHart Communications
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    Everyone has a story to tell! I love learning about people and their businesses and discovering what makes them special. Once I know what makes a person or company tick, I enjoy the process of creating and telling their stories to the world. At the end of the day, if I have helped someone communicate better or get my clients in front of their future customers, I am thrilled for them.
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    My family moved here from Denver when I was 10 so I consider myself a Texas girl. I love Houston and its small-town feel and friendliness. I am a former print journalist and will always have newspaper ink running through my veins (as well as Texas Longhorn orange :)). I love U2, wine, animals, reading and movie watching. I enjoy cycling, eating out and hanging out with my family. What else would you like to know? Contact me and let's chat!
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    Co - Owner
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    Reading, watching movies, traveling, the beach (any beach), dining out, hiking, spending time with family, friends and my pets - Buster (dog) and Dobby (cat).
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    TX - Texas
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    United States
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    Free audit of your digital content and our top three suggestions to boost your messaging.
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    University of Texas at Austin
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    Do you wish you could write and speak more persuasively about your business to attract and retain more customers?
    Do you need help defining WHY customers should consider and buy your products and services?
    Do you want to up your game on your blog and social media? How about getting mentions in key media outlets?