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    LP Printing
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    To help business owners and marketing professionals easily come up with a leave behind printed out solution for their customers and prospects.
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    I am an Outside Sales professional that is a great listener, very calm and would love to learn more about you, why you do what you do and help with any outsourced printing, banners, signage or direct mailing of company marketing materials and company brands as we all work to get back on track to finish out 2022 strong!
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    Outside Sales
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    baseball with my boys
    reading and listening to positive and inspirational info. and books
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    Business Owners, Communications and Marketing Professionals and Teams, Graphic Designers, Advertising Agency Print Coordinators
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    United States
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    Jennifer Hudson
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    University of Houston
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    Do you need help printing out anything marketing related for you, your company or brand?
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    Jennifer loves to meet new people, learn all about you and why you are where you are right now and if and how I can help make it easy and non stressful to print out any custom branded marketing materials, banners, signage or help mailing marketing pieces and capital campaigns for you, your company, business or brand.