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    I want to gain independence and travel around before starting a family and settling down at some point
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    I’m a very upbeat and positive person. I can be very passionate about my work and my interests and I love hearing about others as well! Biking, Kayaking and stock trading are some of my regular hobbies. I consider myself very personable and business minded and have a strong desire to develop great relationships with other ambitious individuals and make some potential new clients
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    Cellular service consultant
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    outdoorsy stuff
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    My ideal customer would be an existing Verizon customer or any one with another carrier who likes to save money and receive maximum value for what they’re paying monthly.
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    New promotions constantly in and out of market. Setting an appointment with me gets you a discount on all accessories such as cases, screen protectors, chargers, etc. OFFER APPLIES TO ALL REFERRALS AND MEMBERS FROM THIS GROUP
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