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    CMIT Solutions of the Main Line
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    (215) 398-6981
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    (215) 398-6921
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    I've worked in almost every aspect of business, but I haven't found anything with the transformative power of technology. I love taking someone’s frustration and turning it into personal and professional strength.
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    I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and wrote my first line code in third grade, so it's no surprise that I've run my own business since my college days. I've had the thrill of a national rollout and the heartbreak of a class-action lawsuit. I've had jobs across the spectrum, from traveling salesman to operations manager to executive coach. But in some form or another, I've been rooted in technology throughout my career.
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    Cycling is a passion I've had since I was 13, and I've done my best to spread the contagion to my wife and two teenage children -- we cycle together whenever we can. I play squash poorly, but I ski like an expertly. I aim to get a black belt before I'm 50, but of all my pastimes, nothing has been better than wandering the planet with my family.
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    King of Prussia
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    United States
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    I'm happy to do a complimentary security training session for any member’s company. That's one way I can help make the world a safer place for our members.
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    Lehigh / Villanova
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    If you had one big wish for the IT you use in your company, what would it be?
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    Keith runs an IT firm that specializes in turning a company's technology from a point of frustration into a competitive advantage. He and his team are ninjas, with specialists on tap to solve virtually any tech problem. He's always open to a conversation.