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    The Dog House Pet Salon Inc
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    I've been a dog guy all my life and love what I do. Dogs are my favorite people.
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    I'm very happily married with four beautiful children who are my whole world. Over 25 years business management experience has prepared my to serve my clients and employees with knowledge and confidence. I hold a BBA in Finance from University of Houston Downtownand love being my own dog boss. They say if you work in an industry you love , you'll never work a day in your life. I've been blessed to be surrounded with the best of the best in our industry. I look forward to each day and each new client.
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    baseball, baseball, baseball.....I have three sons who have and do play competitive baseball 10 months out of 12. I also enjoy, skateboarding, wakeboarding, and snowboarding every chance I comes my way.
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    My perfect referral is any human that has, loves or wants a dog. We groom, board and love dogs.
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    United States
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    jeffrey S davis
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    jeffrey S davis
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    University Of Houston Downtown
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    This is my friend Jeff and he can help you with your dog.