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(Google Maps, Google My Business, Nextdoor Marketing Experts) Joe Mikitish

(Google Maps, Google My Business, Nextdoor Marketing Experts) Joe Mikitish

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    Do Work University
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    I help business owners go from stressed out and their business owning them to feeling free and in-control. The journey often looks like "I don't have enough money!" or "I don't have enough time!" to "I just bought my daughter the music lessons I could never afford!" and "I am take my wife on a date every week and am able to go to me son's football games!"

    Freedom is living the life you want and using your business as a vehicle to get you there. I give you the roadmap and help you navigate the turns.
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    Co-Founder of Do Work Nation, Do Work University and Winning Reviews. Business growth enthusiast. Fisher of fish. Father of 7 (yes, seven!) awesome kids! Building business and business solutions is my passion. I spent the first ten years of my career working for the largest companies in the world...through that experience, I came to realize that I wasn't making the world a better place and my soul was being crushed! So, I did what many fleeing the corporate world do...I started a business (and then another one...and then another one...). Happiness is following your passion and helping others reach their goals!
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    Gardening, fishing, hunting, camping.
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    Anyone in a home service. Plumber, electrician, HVAC, roofer, painter, home inspector, carpet cleaner, home cleaner, property manager, garage doors, insulation installer, landscaper, lawn care, pest control, tree trimmer.
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    United States
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