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    Health Insurance Strategies
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    I love helping small businesses, the self-employed and individuals provide financially for the medical needs of their families. I’ve found that people are frustrated health insurance with its high deductibles and skyrocketing cost. That’s why I take a different approach. I can custom design a healthcare plan to fit your needs and budget. I say "That if you don’t know health insurance, you better know me!”
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    I'm originally from Elizabeth, New Jersey. I served 11 years in the United States Air Force. Since 1992 I've has worked in the various fields in the financial services industry in the areas of management, education and sales. As an financial advisor, loan officer and a certified teacher for the Ohio Department of Insurance. Currently as the owner of a health insurance agency.
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    Health Insurance/Healthcare Solutions
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    Healthcare Advisor
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    Currently, I'm serving as Governor for the Cardinal District of Civitan International. I also currently serve as the Treasurer of the Civitan Club of Dayton and has twice served as President of that club.
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    [1] They want healthcare for themselves and/or their families. [2] They are Approachable, [3] Insurable, are usually over the age of 40, and [4] typically has a household income of at least $65,000 per year. [5] They normally don't have access to a group plans such as: Service Providers like child care providers/daycare owners/house cleaners/landscapers/roofers/exterminators. Independents Contractors like: insurance agents/financial planners/accountants/realtors/network marketers.
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    United States
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1. "Do you have health insurance?" or "Do you have health insurance at your job or is that something that you have to take care of?" 2. "Are you happy with it?" and 3. "Has your agent called you recently?"