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    Morton Mortgage
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    I began my life in the Mortgage Industry honestly because I needed a job. I was attending college, but I needed money to pay for college. While this is how I got my start in the business, I stayed in this profession because helping people is my passion. I do this because I truly know that I can make a difference. I am afforded the honor and privilege of helping others make one of the largest investments in thir lifetime.... financing their home where their dreams and memories happen.
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    I am a very faithful and devout Catholic. My FAITH means everything to me. I am blessed with to be married to my soulmate, my husband, Clint. We have one son together that we adopted, Josh; who is my heart and soul. I am a Native Texan and Houstonian. I am absolutely wild about horses, dogs, cooking with my husband and son (especially, pizza), getting to sleep in late on Saturday mornings!
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    Residential Mortgage Loan Officer
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    Trail riding horseback
    Going to rodeos, concerts, and watching live music
    Sitting on the porch with my family just talking
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    My perfect referral is anyone looking to purchase, refinance, build, or renovate their home.
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    United States
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    Who do you know that is buying a home or refinancing their home?