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    The Fitzpatrick Group
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    I believe everyone should retire into a 0% tax bracket. Everyone should be educated on how their money works in retirement and should know how taxes, advisor fees, and market volatility will erode retirement accounts. I want to help everyone maximize the amount of spendable dollars they will have in retirement.
  • About me
    I am a Texas A&M graduate who grew up in a small town and moved to the big city. I have always loved volunteering and helping as many people as possible. I fell in love with helping people growing up as a missionary in Kenya and now I help people plan for retirement.

    I started my career path working in fast food throughout high school and college. Doing that taught me more than I could have ever dreamed about patience, endurance, and time management. I learned that there is no task not worth doing and you should give 100% to everything you do. I transitioned from fast food into sales roles which I thrived in. I have always enjoyed conversations with people and loved learning something new each time I talk to a new person. I believe everyone has a unique story to tell and you can never judge a book by its cover.
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    Financial Professional
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    Financial Professional
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    I enjoy watching sports on the weekend as well as playing sports. Soccer and Football are my two favorites. I also have a pet cat who demands more attention than anything else. I enjoy almost any activity outside such as hiking, running, swimming, camping, fishing or just hanging out at the pool. I also love spending time with friends rather than going to events together, playing board games, or just hanging out at a bar playing pool and having a couple beers.
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    Anyone who feels that they are behind on retirement saving or is worried about how rising taxes could hurt their retirement.
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    United States
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    Texas A&M
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1) Have you ever worked with a financial advisor before?
    2) Do you think you are prepared for retirement?
    3) Are you worried about taxes rising in the future?