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    Choice Words/Chisolm & Co.
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    I believe that everyone has a story to tell that will attract the clients they seek. Helping people shape that story by listening to their "why" and asking lots of questions makes me happy, especially when I know I've nailed it!
  • About me
    I founded Choice Words in 1996 to bring better stories to light. I work with business, education and healthcare clients as I have worked in corporate PR, university news and healthcare publications departments. A native New Yorker, I've lived in New England since 1992. I'm also a biographer with two books published on 19th and 20th century subjects who shook up the status quo of their worlds -- steel manufacturing and engineering education.
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    Founder and Principal
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    Reading, choral singing, hiking
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    Princeton University
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    Do you handle all your marketing yourself?
    How do people typically find your business?
    Have you ever considered outsourcing your marketing efforts? or could your team use another set of arms or an external perspective?
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    Allison Chisolm is a writer who listens carefully so her words sound like yours. She will ask a lot of questions to get to the essence of what you're trying to say. Hers is a collaborative process, so I think you'll enjoy working with her.