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    Simplicity By Day
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    I'm your typical working mom, with multiple kids, trying to keep the laundry at bay, pantry stocked, social calendar under control and oh yeah, fulfill my purpose in pressure. I found this wonderful balance in doing all of the above was my way to live a life of fulfillment and purpose through organizing and design. Two things I love to do, all day, everyday.

    Now I'm on a mission to help others like me to feel educated, equipped and empowered to "Decorganize" their spaces and transform their homes into that sanctuary they love to live in.
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    I am always searching for better ways to do everything-- from organizing my kitchen pantry to balancing my kids' and professional calendar, so when I discovered professional organizing, I knew I'd found my lane. With 10+ years in marketing and strategy development as well as a passion for organizing, productivity and decor, I'm on a mission to create better solutions that work for working parents, entrepreneurs and everyone in between. I’m combining those experiences to help busy people, like myself… uncover ways to make their lives easier through Simple Organizing Solutions and create the home you love to live in.
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    Professional Organizing Consultant
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    Organizing, Designing and Crafting, of course! You can also find me cooking a new recipe I found on Pinterest, with a glass of red wine in one hand. I enjoy traveling (pre-COVID), reading autobiographies, listening to 90's R&B, and biking and jogging with my kids.
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    Busy professional, working mom, small business/entrepreneur or a combination of the three. Someone who is overwhelmed by their clutter and looking for simple, efficient and practical organizing solutions.
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    United States
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    Access to free mini course to S.O.S. Simple Organizing Solutions
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    Howard University (BBA), Texas Woman's University (MBA)
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    2008 and 2014, respectively
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    What is your major challenge with getting and staying organized?
    What is your organization goal?
    What would happen if you didn't take steps to become more organized now?
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    Dai Smith, Professional Organizing Consultant who specializing in helping busy professionals, working moms and entrepreneurs move from being overwhelmed to organized.