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    The Factoring Lady, LLC
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    My why is to share my God given talents and knowledge with others by connecting needs and wants to resources, and to educate others on helping them know what they don't know in many areas. My primary focus is to show others how they can meet their payroll deadlines, take on larger projects, purchase inventory and obtain the working capital they need without having to take out a loan.
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    I am a Texas native who is married, has 3 grown children, who spent a life time as a banker in the corporate world. Although my niche is in finance, I consider myself to be multi-faced. My primary secret sauce is as a business lender but I also provide services that combine my other passions and interests related to fashion, wellness, health & beauty. I genuinely enjoy helping and connecting others.
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    Formerly a commercial bank loan officer
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    Reading, networking and learning new skills. I also love to play golf, go thrift store shopping, modeling in conceptual photo shoots and walking in fashion runway shows.
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    A B2B owner that has repetitive invoices that they need to get funded on for work that they have already completed (invoice factoring / accounts receivable financing). Or a business looking to purchase or refinance their commercial property or equipment. Essentially, I would like to connect with any business owner that needs help obtaining financing or wanting to learn how to build business credit.
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    United States
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    1) Free 30 minute consultation 2) LLC setups for single members in Texas at a discounted price of $79 (excludes state fees)
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    Art Institute of Houston
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1) Do you have accounts receivables or unpaid invoices for work performed or goods delivered that you are waiting to get paid for?
    2) Are you looking to expand, grow or relocate your business or needing to make a new commercial real estate purchase?
    3) Do you have commercial contracts or purchase orders coming up or want to take on larger projects?
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    Patricia Windon is the owner of The Factoring Lady, LLC which helps business owners obtain the financial, legal and professional resources they need to grow and reduce risk. For decades, she has helped businesses in various industries and revenue size obtain the financing they need to not only stay in business but to soar to the next level.