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    Braswell Enterprises
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    help business owners take one of the many headaches associated with running their business off their plate. Assure them they have the best payment processing solution(s) available.
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    I am focused on living a life based on God's Word. Out of that comes a love for people and integrity that is uncompromised.
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    Business Consultant
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    God's Word from a Hebrew perspective
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    any business generating over $5,000/month in credit card revenue.
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    United States
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    free assessment of current processing. treat to meal for closed business
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    Lance Braswell
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    Lance Braswell
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    Sam Houston State
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1. What would you change about your current credit card processing? If they say nothing, that answer does not disqualify them, but if they answer with something then that is something I definitely want to know about. Another question might be: How do you currently process the credit cards you receive for your product and/or service? If they say Square and you know they process more than $5k/month, then I really need to talk to them.
    2. Would you be open to keeping more of your money through cash discount program? Cash Discount is where the customer pays a fee on their transaction (example 4%). Many business owners would love this because their processing costs go to basically zero.
    3. Would you like a free assessment of your current credit card processing/merchant services? who wouldn't? if the answer to this question is no then they don't know and trust me, that's where you help them see that I can be trusted to give them an un-intrusive assessment. That can be done by me getting a monthly processing statement from their current processor (preferred), or giving them information about the options I can provide and letting them do their own analysis.
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    business consultant