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    COTA Design
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    I believe that every business should always make a great first and everlasting impression that every business should be advertising in some way. I elevate my clients’ business brand with a personal touch, one that reflects their company and the personality of the owner.
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    I found interest in this line of work easily. I first decided I wanted to be a graphic designer when I was 16. Another teenager, my age, gave me a business card with his name and title on it. I immediately enrolled in a vocational program in high school to learn more about being a graphic artist. I later went on to earn two Associate Degrees. My first in Commercial Art. I then spent 12 years as a full-time mom and realized I wanted to go back into graphic design. Knowing how technology changed while I was out of the industry, I went back to get my second Associate Degree in Graphic Design and expanded my knowledge and experience in digital graphics.

    I create everything myself and spend time and talent creating the perfect design for each of my clients. I can create a logo and any collateral Marketing Materials a business needs, including print and digital ads.

    I am always looking for more ways to expand my company and am open to bringing on new clients. I’m consistently staying on top of technology and with current marketing trends.
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    Branding and Graphic Design
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    I enjoy spending time outside and reading a good book. My favorite times are when I get a chance to unplug and spend time with my kids.
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    My perfect referral is a client that is just starting their company that needs all the necessary tools to professionally present their product or service to their potential customers. I also enjoy helping any small or medium-size business rebrand and create consistency throughout all of their marketing.
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    United States
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    10% Discount on Services
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    Austin Community College
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    1992, 2014
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Are they looking for a Logo and or Collateral/Print Marketing Material?
    Is their branding at least 5 years old? Maybe it's time to update their look.
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    Sheryl Cota is the owner and graphic designer of Cota Design. She creates customized print and digital marketing branding materials to help you promote your business. Whether it's a brochure, logo or any other collateral marketing materials, her designs spotlight your product or service with a professional and appealing look.