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    First place has always been an esteemed and sought after position. From Pee Wee sports to running a business there is a drive that pushes towards success. In Junior High my parents presented me with a unicycle from Sears for my birthday. Of all the kids in the surrounding neighborhoods I was the "First on the Block" to have a unicycle. My house was the destination point during that spring and summer as we all took turns doing our best to balance and peddle up the driveway. My goal is to bring that "First on the Block" experience to the businesses we work with. This is achieved by creating, designing, and delivering a promotional product or program developed around the uniqueness of a given business. We offer new, unique promotional products and concepts, many never seen before. Realm offers a different approach to marketing and promotions to ensure your company, brand and message “Effectively Remains to be Seen”.

    Specialties: Helping businesses grow by building on the R4 Advantage. Relationship, Relevant, Remembered and Recommended. This is accomplished through promotional products, marketing concepts, web design and social media. 28 years promoting business with memorable products. 10 years touring Asian markets finding what's new, unique and affordable. Mixing a dash of spice and splash of fun into life and business.
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    United States
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    Bethel College
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