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    Outside the Box Talent Acquisition
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    (281) 433-7620
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    Building meaningful relationships with clients and earning their trust and repeat business by finding the right candidate for key positions quickly.
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    I started my career in executive search on November 11th, 1996 conducting searches at all levels and disciplines in a variety of industries. Offering my clients a full turn-key process that leads to finding the right candidate and backing that candidate placement with a 12 month guarantee.
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    Founder | CEO
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    Antique Shopping, Gardening, Car Shows and playing with my grandkids and my two Miniature Schnauzers; Sukie Lacey & Betsy Belle.
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    Business Owners, CEO, Presidents, Vice Presidents or decision makers who have the authority to hire new employees.
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    United States
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    Flat Fees
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Is your company growing and in need for a recruiting partner?
    Are you hiring at this time?
    Do you use outside recruiters?
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    Suzy Houston is an experienced Headhunter specializing in all industries and can place any position you need filled. She is client focused, trusted and can help you grow your business now and in the future!