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    BioPURE Buckhead
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    Provide a safe, germ free environment for our customers (home and office).
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    We moved to Atlanta from Sweden in 1985 when I was 12 y/o. After high school (Walton HS) I moved away for college and didn’t move back until summer 2020. I’ve always loved Atlanta and I’m excited to be back!
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    Hospital grade disinfection services on a recurring basis
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    I enjoy running. I usually run 3-5 marathons a year. The last one was Miami about a week before COVID-19 hit. I also enjoy hot yoga. I taught hot yoga in TN before moving back to Atlanta and now I’m loving being a student again.
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    Any office/business. Local decision maker. We’ve had success with law firms, medical/dental practices. Veterinarian practices. Restaurants. Pre-schools/schools. Churches.
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    United States
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    First treatment free and 10% off recurring treatments.
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    Furman University
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    Are purchasing decisions made locally? What are you currently doing to keep employees and customers safe from viruses/bacteria/mold/fungus?
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    BioPURE offers EPA/FDA approved, hospital grade disinfection services on a ongoing/recurring basis. BioPURE uses state of the art technology and chemistry that disinfects and leaves a 30 day anti-microbial “shield” on all surfaces. BioPURE is the new standard of clean.