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    Simply Health by Toni
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    I love helping people. I love hearing the sigh of relief when I'm able to bundle everything someone needs in one plan. I also love building relationships with my partners and clients. They're invaluable and make it all worth it.
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    I plan to take my business above and beyond. My ultimate goal is to open a youth center, give back to the community, and give children a safe haven to just be themselves after school and on weekends. My health insurance business has allowed me the foundation to build on.
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    Medicare advantage
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    Health Insurance Advisor
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    I love to go hiking in wooded areas and grounding myself in nature. I love the American version of The Office (I've probably watched the series 30 times). I am a poetry fanatic, I write and love to listen to spoken word.
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    Individuals, families, or small business owners who are frustrated with their search for health insurance.
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    United States
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    Frustrated with health insurance?