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    AccountAbility for Business
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    I believe that small business is the engine of our economy; I believe that tax planning and preparation based on accurate financials is essential to the success of small business. We help our clients succeed by having a relationship with them where we discover what their goals are and how we can help them achieve those goals. Whether the goal is to reduce tax liability, to refinance or qualify for a loan, to purchase a home, or to have better insight into their business, our clients benefit from working with the experienced staff at AccountAbility for Business.
    AccountAbility for Business has been helping small businesses and their owners since 1994.
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    The best part about me is my daughter Ilayna. She is 11 so there are times that statement could be questionable at best. After I tell people about Ilayna when we first meet, I might make sure they know I'm a Buckeye. I graduated from The Ohio State University in 2004 with my BA in English Literature. I have been working as Business Development Director for Accounting firms for six years, four of those years at AccountAbility for Business. My position at AccountAbility for Business is not only to sign up and onboard new clients, but also to be a relationship manager, which means that I field a ton of questions which i secretly love, because that's how I learn. I was raised by a small business owner and I grew up "helping" in the shop and answering phones. I have a competitive drive to be the best and then tell everyone about it. I take a lot of pride in representing a company that provides valuable advice and the highest level of service. I sometimes read while in the restroom. I love learning and I love reading.
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    Accounting/Tax Services
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    Director of Business Development
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    Hiking, watching football, playing piano, reading, working out, walking the dog, coffee, wine, teas and herbal remedies, and I like kids and doing fun kid stuff.
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    Our newest client will be an owner of a business in the trades, like an HVAC company, who has been extremely busy growing his business in the past few years, but has neglected his books and his tax filings. We can help them get caught up to current quickly and then ensure they have ongoing accurate, up to date financials. Typically when we meet this business owner they are motivated by a greater goal; for example, they are hoping to qualify for a commercial loan or a home loan, or perhaps they are about to be married or going through a divorce.
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    United States
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    It's a surprise
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    The Ohio State University
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    Do you have a CPA? How's that working out?
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    As I mentioned I wanted to introduce you to Trinae Rose, Trinae and her team have helped my business think strategically as a business owner. She and her team will take the time to brainstorm ideas that you and M may not have thought of in the tax realm.


    B and his wife M are amazing people who have in the past year transitioned to be full time business owners. B is a realtor and M is a social media fitness influencer. They are located in the DFW area and have worked with a CPA in the past however said would be interested in meeting someone who can maybe offer a different perspective on their new found journey. I mentioned how you have saved us many dollars in taxes by just thinking outside the box! I know you can add some value to their financial lives.