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    Sente Mortgage
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    I love building relationships and I hate seeing people hurt. A Mortgage Banker builds long term relationships with clients, coworkers and referral sources. There are a lot of bad Mortgage Bankers out there. I make sure all of our clients are respected. We give them accurate answers to their questions, address their concerns, work hard to make sure they are accurately approved today (or plan to be approved later if not today), do what is best for them financially, and close on time.
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    I grew up in rural Minnesota, attended Trinity University, have two kids in college and volunteer in Rotary and at my church.
    I've had some cool jobs, working part time for the Spurs and interning full time for a US Senator.
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    Mortgage Banker
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    Mortgage Banker / Branch Manager
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    Baseball, politics, charity
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    A Realtor looking for a dependable, accurate Mortgage Banker.
    A consumer looking to finance the purchase of a home or to refinance a mortgage
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    United States
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    Trinity University
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    Have you looked up Mortgage Banker reviews?
    Do you want someone you can reach after hours?
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