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    A-1 Professional Video
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    I love to listen to people or a company's stories and then convey them through engaging and impactful video. It's like planting a "video garden". We listen...plant the seeds of the idea...water it with engaging visual images...fertilize it with impactful graphics...then till around it to keep it updated and on target.
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    I have been in the video industry for over 40 years...from a TV news reporter...corporate video manager of a creative mktg. agency.
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    Media Production - Videos/Photos
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    My family first and foremost. Then I love to travel and take photos of people, places and nature.
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    small to medium size company looking to increase business through direct sales, SEO or knowing the impact that video plays in today's marketplace. This individual can be the owner, marketing/branding rep, HR (for training), media/communication mgr.
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    United States
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    Michigan State University
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    What "story" do you want to convey on video?....About you, your product or your service?
    Who is your specific targeted audience for the video?
    What would you like the viewer to do once they've watched the video?
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    Mark of A-1 Professional Video will truly listen to what is your story, who is your audience and what is your call to action? Once he hears that he will ensure that the story is conveyed in a creative and engaging fashion.