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    Small Biz Brands
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    I hate seeing small businesses not fulfilling their potential. Helping them with social media, email and blogs is the easiest and least expensive place to start. I can manage all of it or help them with an app for DIY.
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    Currently, when not running an agency, I am adding new features to my social media app - where small business owners can cut their time spent posting in half while improving results. It has a scheduler, strategy, and succinct tutorials. I have always been involved in marketing in some way. For about a decade, I also taught marketing and business classes at Austin Community College. I worked in house several places as Marketing Director and VP before starting my own marketing business.
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    I like to follow the Texas Longhorns football team. I am involved in Helping Hands, a home that provides a haven and rehab for abused children. I like working out and going to Mexican Food restaurants. I like following the stock market and talking with anyone about their business dreams.
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    United States
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    Our "Starter" tier of our social media software is free, but I will add in a 1/2 hour of video coaching a week for the first month to anyone in our group that references this offer.
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    University of Texas
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    Would you like to cut time spent in half and double results on your social media efforts?
    Are you proud of your social media sites?

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