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    King Homes and Land Realty
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    I have always been passionate about helping others and after 5 years of client relations in Grand Junction and Fruita, I decided to make the jump into Real Estate. Having been around homes my whole life due to my father being a general contractor, I felt Real Estate would be my true calling. From the first showing to the final walk through my passion is to partner with you not only as a client but a trusted friend. I attain ambition, loyalty, and hard work to serve every client to the best of my ability. As your trusted Real Estate advisor my goal is to focus on helping you with every aspect of your transaction. Whether it involves finding the right homeowners insurance, contractor or financial expert.
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    Ever since I was a little girl, I have always had the need to help people. From my neighborhood friends to my previous work interactions, I am always someone who sets out to show people it's not all bad and if we work together we can make their dreams come true. To see the joy on someone's face or the stress fade away is what truly makes me happy knowing they are accomplishing something they might not have thought possible.
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    I enjoy spending time with my husband and our spoiled yellow lab Kali. I also love to get out in the sun whether its hiking, camping, enjoying the lake or pool and now golf. We added a border collie puppy to our family in January. His name is Carbon, he keeps things interesting and is always making us laugh.
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    Grand Junction
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    Someone who is wanting a change of lifestyle and needs help to see their dreams come through.
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    United States
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    Free Personalized Equity Assessment Report
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    Do they have a specific housing goal?
    Would they like to know how much equity is in their house?
    What is important to them in a Realtor?
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    This is Hannah King with King Homes and Land Realty. She will work as a fiduciary for you in order to help you achieve your real estate goals.