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    Val Vick Content & Copywriting
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    My "why" is 2-fold -- 1) A promise to my daughter...Shannon began entertaining others (dancing, singing, acting) when she was a toddler. We had no way to get her to auditions and photo shoots at a moment's notice. I promised -- if she deferred her dream... I would support her journey financially for several years. 2) I want to help the content of businesses and entrepreneurs... sound like them and stand out among the online clutter -- so they can attract and retain their ideal customers -- especially now with the pandemic-induced barrage of new businesses.
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    Call me Val - I'm a copywriter, content writer, trainer, speaker... I help business owners make their sales and marketing content come to life and stand out among online clutter -- to generate more leads, close more sales, retain more customers, and get more referrals. I create content, using the business brand voice, for websites, landing pages, emails, blogs, case studies, eBooks, newsletters, white papers, and chatbots. I write for industrial-technical B2B companies and entrepreneurs -- using experience, licenses, and certifications (e.g., engineering, project management, real estate, travel, sales, marketing, writing).
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    Copywriter, Content Writer, Editor, Trainer
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    Owner and Chief Copywriter
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    Travel, reading, writing fiction and prose, movies, photography, and dancing...
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    I have 2 perfect referrals: 1) midsize industrial-technical B2B [business-to-business] companies... using lead generation and sales enablement tactics -- such as case studies, white papers, landing pages, email campaigns, video scripts, etc. 2) entrepreneurs and small businesses... using or interested in -- content strategy, a newsletter, emails, blogs, social media posts, etc.
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    United States
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    Projectized services include a 25% pre-paid package discount for members; 25% discount on retainers; 20% discount on a la carte services
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    Spelman College/Georgia Institute of Technology
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1) Are you satisfied with the number of leads and customer conversions you get... with your sales and marketing content (e.g., emails, blogs, web sites, social media, case studies, etc.)? 2) Are you happy with your customer retention and repeat business rates? 3) Are you pleased with the number of customer referrals you're getting now - is it easy for customers to forward more than your contact information?
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    I'd like to introduce Val -- with Val Vick Copywriting. She brings your content to life -- so you can attract and keep more customers. She writes your sales and marketing messages in your brand voice... which lets you stand out among the online clutter. Text or call her at 281-757-3057; her website is found at I can forward her newsletter to you, or you can request a copy yourself at this link: